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Styling Up Your Hair With Trendy Hair Accessories

The latest trend that has us all in flurries is indeed a gorgeous one. Gone are the days of boring hair styles, now with beautiful hair accessories flocking the market, they are an easy way to dress up your hair. 

Whether you have beautifully curled locks or a long brunette mane, there is definitely a hair accessory that would suit your taste.

Our fashion insiders in Nymph & Co share some of the ways they would love to wear this hair accessory trend.


Go For The Full Glitz And Glamour

Pop on a smattering of cool crystal pins, placed strategically in an asymmetric fashion. If you are craving more glitz, shine it up with a pair of matching long crystal earrings. 

Give Your Updo A Pearly Shine

Dress up your french braids with classy pearl pins. A great way to elevate your classic look into a chic trendy one. Alternatively, place them on the side of your ear to keep away flyovers and act as a trendy frame to your hair.

Shell Out On A Summery Look

For a summery look, dress up your locks in a smattering of shells. Stack different styles of pins for a beautiful asymmetric get out of bed look. Elevate the look by adding some pearl jewellery to match.

Reach For The Stars

Go for a different take on the current hair pin trend, with some hair spinners that look like a sky full of stars gently descended on your gorgeous hair.

Add A Pop Of Colour

A simple way to give your hair style a lift is to add a pop of colour for an easy way to dress up your hair without putting in too much effort.
Hair Accessories are one of our favourite things to use for an easy way to look like you spent a lot of time on your hair without having to learn a difficult hairstyle or put in effort with our hair stylers. Let us know what are some of your favourite ways to dress up your hair!